Mexican Street Food

As I think it’s already been mentioned, Will and I both absolutely LOVE Mexican food, so when an offer was on for a Mexican Street Food cookery class at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Recipease’ food and kitchen venues, I booked it straight away!

So we arrived on a Saturday afternoon at the Notting Hill venue, hungry and ready to cook! The venue was decorated in true Jamie fashion, and had a great fun vibe. As we are super keen, we were the first ones from the group to get there, so we got given a lovely drink whilst we waited for the rest of the group (10 of us in total) to arrive.

Ready, steady, cook!

Ready, steady, cook!

Once everyone was here we met our Chef for the day, a lovely Aussie lady, and told what we would be making, which included: chicken tortillas, corn fritters and Ceviche.

First off we prepared the chicken for the tortillas, putting this on to brown each side, once this was done we added the amazing sauce (juicy, spicy and tomatoey!) and let it simmer away until the end of the cooking time. When ready, this along with some sliced red onions and herbs, went into the floury tortillas to be rolled into little packages of joy! I absolutely LOVED this, so simple yet so tasty ūüėÄ

Second we prepared the ingredients for the¬†Ceviche, the only thing we cooked was the prawns, other than that, the other fish (squid and cod) was chopped up and left to marinade in the acidity of lime juice – which I was a bit dubious about, but it worked really well! When at the end of our cooking time, this was presented in a tall glass with the fish and a¬†tomato¬†sauce mixed in together, and the cooked prawns placed over the edge. It was¬†definitely¬†Will’s favourite (he adores fish and seafood) and he polished off the majority!

Lastly we made our dough for the corn fritters! Neither Will or I had made corn fritters before, but it went surprisingly well! We were warned that there’s a fine line between¬†under cooking¬†and overcooking these, as you have to submerge them in oil to cook. We were told to watch carefully as they are ready as soon as they are nicely golden brown all over and rise to the surface of the pan, and I think we did pretty well for a first attempt! And because we are both OCD about presentation, we made sure we made 6 corn fritters out of the dough that were exactly the same size, which looked pretty nice laid across the wooden board with the garnish, if I do say so myself!

At the start I wasn’t sure how we would manage to cook all the various things in a class which was only one and a half hours long (as I hate being rushed!) but the set up worked really well, we were shown demos bit by bit, which we then went and did ourselves, until everything came together as a big¬†Mexican¬†platter of amazingness!

Our finished creation!

Our finished creation!

After we had demolished everything in the above picture, we went and wandered around the shop downstairs (which I wanted to buy everything from!) We did however get persuaded to buy some very yummy looking mulled wine syrup, as it was bitterly cold outside, so this was very appealing! We went back to Will’s flat content with full¬†belly’s¬†and the promise of mulled wine once we got in, yum!