Marketing Executive and  PPC Campaign Manager by day,  food fanatics 24/7.

Hi, we’re Abi and Will and basically, we both love food. No more than intermediate home cooks, we’ve both been into cooking from a young age and on various cookery courses. We love to cook meals together, as well as prepare special meals for one another – but at the same time we both enjoy having a night off and sourcing a new restaurant to try out. It’s great to have found someone else with the same crazy passion for food, although this does mean it can get quite competitive in the kitchen! But instead of bickering about who made the best gravy (Will) or what the correct way is to stuff a chicken (don’t ask), we’ve decided to blog about all our creations and experiences instead, whilst having some healthy competition along the way.

me and will

Cooking Mexican at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease

Here’s a bit more about us both…


My parents tease me due to my avid food obsession (receiving multiple food magazines on subscription, watching back to back episodes of come dine with me and masterchef etc) but funnily enough they don’t complain when I cook for them! 😉

I am lucky enough to have every day access to my father’s prolific home grown fruit and vegetables, which is great for experimenting with new recipes and seeing what I can make out of the various produce that seems to appear by the bucket load!


Chick chick chick chick chicken! Lay a little egg for meee!

My mother also has some feisty chickens, meaning I get freshly laid eggs every day, yum! This is great for when I fancy a bit of baking, “I best make some cakes to use up some of the eggs” is a great excuse 😛

I hope you like our blog, and feel free to share any recipes or restaurant recommendations of your own, we’d love to hear about them 🙂

I also tweet about food, and occasionally other non-food related things: @AbiLeech 

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feast!

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feast!


My parents are food snobs and I had the awful time when growing up of having to endlessly try Mums new dinner party recipe or crazy concoction. I have great memories of donning a little chefs hat when I was 10 and bullying my parents into letting me cook them some god awful slop. Some great lines I used to get were “I am just too full from your meal last time” and “it’s too good for me….let the dog try it though!” Fortunately I don’t live with them anymore, but now that my tech-savvy parents are on smartphones we bombard each other with endless pictures of food!

My main problem is being over adventurous – always adding an ingredient too far or trying something overly exotic. I frit about what I cook, but recently have taken a real passion to Mexican food. Even though it’s progressively getting worse, I watch every Masterchef from all over the world and one day will muster up the balls to apply (I have the official apron and everything) 😀



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