The Boathouse – Newquay

Last weekend I ventured down to Cornwall with the girls I lived with at Uni for a mini break away! We stayed about 10 minutes inland from Newquay, and luckily my friends like eating out as much as I do, so we were on the search for a nice fish restaurant to go to on our last night.

On one of the days it rained (typical English weather!) so we hit up the spa, and one of the beauticians recommended a seafood restaurant called The Boathouse to us, which we were informed is great for a nice evening meal, so after perusing the mouth-watering menu online we booked a table for our last night.

The restaurant is in a great setting overlooking the harbour, and the only route to it is down some stone steps. Once you reach the bottom you are greeted by pools of the biggest fresh lobsters I’ve ever seen! 😀

Once inside, the restaurant has a great atmosphere, with a lovely homely, country feel. With a warm wooden interior and large candles on every table, the atmosphere is immediately relaxing and friendly. There is also a restaurant black lab, who when we were there happily trotted up and down the beach before curling up in a warm corner for a nap. The restaurant has a decking area where you can admire the view (roofed overhead with open sides) – they have thought ahead here and the decking is provided with multiple heaters to keep you warm, as well as plastic covers that roll down and fasten shut along the open sides to protect you from the typical English weather, which came in handy as even though it was glorious when we arrived, it was long before the rain and wind started to howl!

View from the decking

View from the decking at low tide

The only gripe I have is that the service was quite slow. We were all seated for quite a while before even our drinks orders were taken. By the time a waitress came to take our drinks order we were ready to order our food, but were informed she had to check to see if the kitchen was ready before we ordered?! This seemed a bit odd, and meant we had to wait even longer before ordering. Despite this, it didn’t affect our evening too much, and I think this tends to be a more laid back approach that many places adopt, which can come across as slow when comparing to London’s fast hustle and bustle!

We decided to just go for mains, and they were all delicious! I had one of the dishes from the specials, which was poached turbot in white wine and cream sauce, with asparagus and saffron infused rice. A few of my friends had the fish pie, another had the dressed crab and the last had the lobster pasta. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, definitely one for the seafood lovers to try!


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